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Do Domain Extensions Really Matter?

Yes, the domain extensions do matter and have relevancy! Country specific domain extensions like .co .uk or fr. help to identify local websites for a slight advantage in search engine results from other countries. Other extensions like .net .info and .biz, may be considered slightly different than typical .com sites. Websites ending in .org, .and .gov may also receive a slight advantage from having these extensions as well.  

SEO can put you on the map with search engines

Does Google Disapprove of SEO Content?

No, Google has mixed emotions about questionable SEO content and the feelings are unclear. When SEO is used to promote useless information on a website, it leads to a low search ranking, but when written strongly, SEO can put you on the map with search engines. SEO helps a webmaster clarify to Google and other search engines, exactly what your website is about and why it should rank for certain keywords, promote relevant websites that might be otherwise overlooked.