Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process of bring visibility to a website or web page through the strategic placement of specific keywords.  These keywords are what drive a search engine such as Google and Bing, and it brings the visitor to your website.  The higher the ranking of your page, the more traffic it will experience, so clear and concise use of content is extremely important.

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Search Engine Optimization
What makes SEO content good?

When you have a website, whether it is to advertise a product, service or business, you need to have content which is relevant, fresh and entertaining to your reader.  You want to use your content as a “voice” to engage the visitor. Not only do you want your visitor to find the information needed about your website, you also want to keep the person interested. You are using your website to send out a message and through your content; you can increase your website’s search engine ranking and traffic, all of which will happen if your content is well written and relevant.

What happens if your SEO content is bad?

Nobody likes reading irrelevant or poorly written content; your webpage will lose the visitor within the first ten seconds and once the chance is lost, it’s lost forever.  In the past, many website owners filled their page with fluff or inconsequential content, just to get attention for a website. The ultimate goal of any content on your webpage is to inform, entertain and ultimately entice your reader into seeking more information or reading further. Therefore, no matter if your website is high ranking or not, if the content is bad, makes no sense and is uninformative, no matter how strongly you rank on a search engine, your reader will have a bad impression, fail to be interested in your page and your website is basically doomed.

How can you increase your search engine rankings and traffic to your website?

High quality content is vitally important to the success and ranking of your website with a search engine.  However, many companies do not realize this fact and fail to see the connection between the content on their website and the number of visitors each month.  Pictures and interactive graphics can only entice so much and go so far, but if your content is bad, you will sink quickly in the ranks.  The action of a search engine is to crawl over each website, much like a person would do and the information is stored based on what an actual person would find interesting, so you need good content and that is the bottom line.

What are the benefits of well written SEO content?

When you have good content displayed on your website, it provides something people can learn from and it helps them find what they are looking for, it spreads the word about your business, product or service and it should be fresh, relevant and up-to-date.  The benefits of well written content will help you convert a visitor into a customer, increase your revenue and keeps your website ranking high in the search engines, and influences your business in many important ways.  Having well written content enhances the appearance of your website and helps to convey a message and impression to your visitor, so the better your SEO content is the better your website appears and ranks and this is what you want.